Configuring Settings Policies

Ellipsis menu | Settings Policies

Settings policies will be applied in the following order from general to specific. The more specific policy will be applied to the user.

  1. Application defaults (No policy applied)

  2. Default policy

  3. User level policy

Create a Policy

Settings policies tab | New

Give the policy a name and description (optional).

If the Is Default option is selected, all users will be assigned this policy unless another policy is assigned at the user level. Only one policy can be set as default.

Select the Configure Tab

Configure the appropriate settings. Each setting or group of setting have the option to be Admin Enforced.

When completed, select the Save policy changes button.

Assign a Policy to a User

Policy User Assignments tab | New

Select a Settings Policy

Enter a user's Azure Active Directory object ID in the User ID field | Save.

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