Getting Started

We have designed Attendant Console to be as simple as possible to setup.

Browse to

Select the Admin Consent link on the bottom of the page and sign in with a Microsoft 365 Global administrator account. This will allow Landis Attendant Console to operate in your Microsoft 365 environment. After the permission have been granted, you will be redirected back to the Attendant console login page.

Alternatively, the link below can be used to grant admin consent:

Sign In

On the Attendant console login page, select the sign in button on the center of the page and authenticate with your Microsoft 365 (Microsoft Teams) account.

Sign up for a Trial

Once logged into Attendant console, you will be prompted to sign up for a trial. Enter your trial contact information and select Sign-up.

This is a fully featured 30 day trial for all users in your organization.

Enable Audio Device

After signing up for the trial, you will be logged into the attendant console. The browser will prompt to allow the webpage to use your microphone. Select allow.

Enable Optional Features

Enable unread voicemail count

Settings | Permissions tab | Grant consent for Mail.ReadBasic

Enable Voicemail panel

Settings | Permissions tab | Grant consent for Mail.ReadWrite

Settings | Layout | Configure Layout | Under Voicemail, select a panel number | Apply

Enable Chat Consult Transfer

See Enable Chat Consult Transfer

Now you are ready to handle Teams calls in Landis Attendant Console!

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