Known Limitations
  • USB devices buttons do not control calls* (workaround: keyboard hotkeys)
  • Music on Hold*
  • Calls from Queues don't show Caller Number while ringing* (work around: none)
  • Does not show Caller Number of user who transferred/simul-ringed (referred) a call to Attendant Console. (or that it is a referred call)*
  • Transfer directly to Voicemail* (workaround: let extension ring till voicemail)
  • Teams Queue stats & sign in/out* (workaround: use Teams portal)
  • Landis Contact Center Queue Stats & sign in/out (workaround: use LCC portal)
  • Call History (workaround: view Teams client's history)
  • MS Teams Chat > Groups & Contacts do not appear in Attendant Console* (workaround: create groups in Attendant Console via Settings > Contacts > Contact Groups)
  • Skype for Business calling scenarios that are not properly handled by Teams APIs at this time*
    • Interop with Skype for Business users (some scenarios)
    • Inbound PSTN calls from Skype for Business hybrid voice
* - Adding this functionality is awaiting Microsoft API release for further development.
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