Contacts are shown in both the search and contact group panels. These contacts include contact information and contact methods. Contacts are used to initiate communication with a contact or to select a contact as a transfer recipient. Default contact methods shown are chat and Call (using default method). Additional contact methods are shown by selecting the more button.

Using Contacts:

When a call is in a transfer mode:

If a call is in a transfer mode, double clicking or selecting a voice contact method on the contact will initiate a transfer to the contact.

A new chat or email can be initiated with a contact by selecting chat or email buttons.

A chat or email callback reminder can be sent by selecting the email or chat callback reminder buttons. This will open a chat or email with a prepopulated message requesting a callback, The callback message includes the caller name, number and call time.

Transfer to voicemail can be enabled here: Enable Experimental Features

When no call are in a transfer mode or no active calls:

Selecting a contact method on the contact will initiate a new call, chat, or email to the contact. Double clicking the contact will initiate a new call to the contact.

Chat or email callback reminders are not available in this scenario.

The buttons on the Contacts can be customized. See Contacts

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