External Search

External search can query your custom search API and the response from the API can return contact information that will be shown in the search panel. A simple execution of this can be created by using Microsoft Flow.
External Search will send a HTTP POST to the specified URL. A JSON object with specific properties is sent in the body. The response body JSON array object(s) are expected to have specific property names.

Example HTTP POST Body:

Only populated properties will be sent in the body.
"searchTerm": "John Doe",
"departments": [
"officeLocations": [
"New York"
"countries": [
"jobTitles": [
"Sales Manager"
"postalCodes": [
"givenName": [
"surname": [
"displayNames": [
"John Doe"
"mail": [
"userPrincipalName": [
"maxContactSearchResults": "20"

Example HTTP Response Body:

All properties are optional and the values can be null.
Properties are case sensitive.
Properties that are not expected will be ignored.
"azureAdId": null,
"givenName": "John",
"surname": "doe",
"displayName": "John doe",
"userPricipalName": "[email protected]",
"companyName": "Contoso",
"jobTitle": "Sales Manager",
"department": "Sales",
"officeLocation": "New York",
"emailAddress": "[email protected]",
"businessPhone": "810-653-3163",
"mobilePhone": "810-653-3163",
"preferredLanguage": null,
"notes": null,
"country": "USA"