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Configure Search Sources

The default search source is Entra ID Users.

There can be multiple search sources of the same type with different configurations. Each search source will appear as another tab in the search panel.

Search Source Options:


Entra ID User Search

Also known as Active directory users or Microsoft 365 users.

Exchange Search

Personal Outlook contacts

Global Exchange Contacts Search

Mail contacts. Also known as Active Directory contacts or organizational contacts.

External Search

Custom API Contacts

Search Source Configuration Details:

Active directory search will only search on display name and is a "begins with" search.


Search Source Display Name

Custom display name of search source.

Max Contact Search Results

The maximum amount of contacts returned from a search.

By default, disabled user accounts are not returned in search results. If you would like disabled accounts to be displayed, enter the text below in the Custom Settings field:


"key": "includeDisabledAccountsInAdSearch",

"description": "Filter disabled user accounts in AD Search",

"value": "false"


Search Pre-filter

Search pre-filters will always filter the search results by the values in these fields.



Office Locations


Postal Codes

Job Titles

Given Names


Display Names


User Principle Names

Configure Filters Item Lists

The custom names added to these fields will be listed as persistent filter options in the advanced search panel. Multiple filter options can be added to each field. Each option must be separated by a semicolon. Example:

These options will appear in the Advanced search filter:

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