USB Audio Device Call Control Buttons (Preview)

USB audio device call control buttons allows the attendant console user to answer, disconnect, mute/unmute, and change volume by using the buttons on the audio device. The button locations may vary by model. Please refer to manufacturer documentation.
  • Jabra USB Audio Device (No other brands are supported at this time)
Known limitations:
  • If the Teams desktop client is open and signed in as the same user as Attendant Console, Teams will hijack all call control commands. For example, if there is an incoming call and the answer button is pressed, the call will be answered in Teams.
Enable this feature:
  1. 1.
    Open Attendant Console | Settings | Advanced tab
2. Enter the following under Custom Settings
"key": "showHeadsetControls",
"description": "show the UI controls for headset control",
"value": true
3. Select the Devices Tab
4. Select the Jabra device under Utilize headset buttons
5. Restart Attendant Console