What's New in Attendant Console

A description of new features in Landis Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams. You can connect with us right now by clicking Talk to Sales.

March 22, 2024


  • Fix contact groups randomly not appearing when starting application.

March 21, 2024


  • Fix chat consult transfer adaptive cards not displaying on Teams mobile.

February 20, 2024


  • Fix consult transfer failure when compliance recording is enabled.

January 17, 2024

Features & Enhancements

  • Global Exchange Contacts. (Also known as mail contacts or active directory contacts) Requires optional permission.

    • Search Global Exchange Contacts.

    • Add Global Exchange Contacts to groups.

  • Transfer failure visual alert

  • Layout is synced across devices and browsers.

  • Accessibility improvements.

  • Option to open call pop in browser tab.

  • Add queue name as an option in call pop URL.

  • Add call ID as an option in call pop URL.

  • Add notification banner if call is being recorded by a user.

  • Allow Focus on Search Bar shortcut key to be customizable.

  • Add Dutch language.

  • Add Italian language.

  • Improved styling on transfer mode icon on holding calls.

  • Improve language translations.


  • Freezing issue when loading profile photos in some scenarios.

  • Fix issue where in some scenarios pressing enter key twice after entering a search query would not select the first search result.

  • Fix issue where in some scenarios a holding call in consult transfer mode could not be retrieved.

Desktop application Features & Enhancements

  • Full notification suppression support for New Teams client. Custom setting no longer required.

December 26, 2023


  • Add support for / hotkey on non-English keyboards.

September 11, 2023

Features & Enhancements


  • Fix silence incoming ring setting also suppressing outbound ring sound

  • Fix unexpected behavior when removing from contact groups

  • Improve logging

  • Safe transfer to PSTN will fall back to blind transfer instead of failing.

Desktop Application Fixes

  • Fix zooming error

  • Fix PowerApps authentication issue in call pop.


June 16, 2023

Features & Enhancements


  • Call Contact quick access shortcut button will now initiate a call to a UPN that contains numbers.

  • Execute HTTP Request quick access shortcut headers can be added and removed.

  • Remove the word "at" in the placeholder {callernumber} in callback message.

  • Transfer to direct to voicemail will no longer post an error message if chat consult transfer bot has been deployed.

  • Searches and contact groups with ' character will now display results correctly.

  • Call back reminder will now encode the "+" character in the callback deep link.

May 25, 2023

Features & Enhancements

  • Chat consult transfer "sent to voicemail" option

  • Filter by company name in search sources and contact groups

  • Filter out disabled accounts in Active Directory search. Enabled by default.

  • Cursor moves to search field after selecting a transfer mode.

  • User status message appears in contact details panel and contact card

  • Specify max contact search results in contact group

  • Settings policies


  • Call back messages are now imported correctly when using the import settings from a file option

  • Add logging to desktop toast notification

May 11, 2023


  • Contact group does not load when user or user(s) have been removed from cache.

March 17, 2023


  • Fix: Calls not appearing in the handled calls panel

February 15, 2023

Desktop Application Features & Enhancements

  • The sign in button will now open a browser where the user will be prompted to complete the sign in process for the desktop application

Desktop Application Fixes

  • Improve Teams notification suppression

  • Improve call details on desktop notification


February 10, 2023

Features & Enhancements

  • Show phone icon when contact is a PSTN contact type.


  • Fix: VM panel now shows profile photo and presence for AD users

  • Fix: VM icon displays correctly in light and dark mode

  • Fix: Call pop info for PSTN calls

December 22, 2022

Features & Enhancements

  • Additional caller information shown for the following scenarios:

    • Transferred by

    • Forwarded by

    • Call for

    • On behalf of

    • Call from a group

    • Call from a meeting

  • Experimental Feature


  • Misc call pop fixes

  • When user is in DND, calls are now suppressed

  • Misc caller information fixes

October 14, 2022

Features & Enhancements

  • True Consult Transfer

  • Show caller info for incoming queue calls (conference mode only)

  • Show trial/license info in About page


  • Microsoft bug where selected audio device was not being used

  • Improvements to normalization rules

    • No longer add default normalization rules for new tenants

    • Show PSTN contact for 911 number

    • Allow PSTN numbers on contacts to be normalized

  • Show PSTN contact results on all search tabs

  • Caching improvements

August 29, 2022

The underlying Microsoft API's are now GA. Because of this Landis Attendant Console is now fully GA.

Important Note: As previously communicated on Auguest 8, 2022, the previously optional permissions Teams.ManageChats are now required. If these permissions have not been granted, the user will be prompted to grant the permission when logging into Attendant Console. If the user does not have rights to grant the permissions, an admin can browse to https://ac.landis.cloud and select the "Admin Consent" link on the bottom of the page and consent to the permissions.

Features & Enhancements

  • Support for ordering contact groups, search tabs, QAS shortcuts & number normalization rules.

  • Show contact photo on incoming call, current call, call on hold (inbound calls atm)

  • Contact groups ability to remove contacts from saved groups or UPN groups

  • Contact details area improvements, (improve layout spacing & flow/vertical/horizontal) clickable links, copy button, larger photo, etc.

  • UI: Improve experience for inserting parameters in call pop, custom messages, etc.

  • UI: Smart separators for parameters

  • Add a "Download Desktop App" to the header settings menu

  • App will redirect for Auth if Teams.ManageChats is not consented to


  • If a number normalization rule has a blank expression its now disregarded

  • Fix inability to type forward slash into settings window input box

  • Shares same manager now does not show self

  • Call hold time incorrect when disconnecting call with multiple calls on hold

  • Presence momentarily jumps between Busy and OutOfOffice in Contact Details when a user has an OutOfOffice Message set

  • Internal localization improvements for date times in schedule area for example

  • MenuButton on Contact Settings / TextInput doesn't always put the dropdown list at the right place, making some items unavailable

  • Some button do not default to an auto/content width and it should for localization purposes

  • Improve keyboard shortcut on desktop app call notification

Desktop Application

  • Improve desktop app memory usage

  • Better facilitate Teams call toast suppression

  • Toast alert window now zooms with rest of app

August 8, 2022

Important Note: We will be alerting users that on August 22, 2022 the Teams.ManageChats permission will become mandatory and Attendant Console will not work without consent to that permission. To avoid users getting this notification, admins can proactively grant this permission. Permissions can be granted by a Microsoft 365 Global Admin in the Attendant Console app, Settings | Permissions or by using the link below: https://login.microsoftonline.com/organizations/v2.0/adminconsent?client_id=27427db7-419f-4b4b-9f52-51ff75c78309&scope=https://auth.msft.communication.azure.com/Teams.ManageChats


  • Sometimes shows "already answering a call" notification when it shouldn't

  • New Teams.ManageChats permission to manage chats in Microsoft Teams: Used for managing chat threads required for some call scenarios

June 24,2022

Desktop Application Features & Enhancements

  • Show desktop app version in About and suggest update if needed.

Desktop Application Fixes

  • Fixed when closing the app from the task bar, an unexpected error occurred

  • Fixed teams suppression enabled when user was not signed into application

  • Fixed Teams toast suppression not working in some scenarios.


June 23, 2022

Features & Enhancements

  • Adds Shares Same Manager to the Organization panel in Contact Details


  • Fixed outbound PSTN call failure in environments with direct routing and media bypass

  • Fixed failure when adding PSTN participant to a Teams P2P call

May 27, 2022

Features & Enhancements

  • Chat Consult Transfer BOT (Preview)

    • Transfer type that sends an adaptive card to a Teams user with an choice to Accept or Reject the call. if Accepted the call will automatically transfer to the user with no receptionist action required.

    • Note: Requires Teams App that may be delivered after release date.

  • Settings screen - various improvements

    • Better support for different monitor sizes

    • Better list editing for Search Sources, Contact Groups, Quick Access Shortcuts & Number Normalizations Rules

    • Some new icons, better organized screens & dropdowns

  • Visual Voicemail panel enhancements

  • PC App (Preview) Download

    • Call toast outside PC app

    • Global shortcut keys

    • Suppress Microsoft Teams incoming call toast

    • Resize user interface with zoom in & out controls

  • Call Back Reminder definable templates for Chat & Email reminder messages sent

    • Allows for customizing messages including language specific messages

  • Various general UI improvements

    • Smoother active call panel

    • Work contact method uses Teams icon

    • Show user photo on active calls panel

    • Finesse item selection colors

  • Quick Access Shortcut to change user presence

  • Additional client activity will be in the troubleshooting log file

  • Additional service resilience resources

April 6, 2022

Important Note: As previously communicated on March 3, 2022, the previously optional permissions Presence.ReadWrite and People.Read are now required. If these permissions have not been granted, the user will be prompted to grant the permission when logging into Attendant Console. If the user does not have rights to grant the permissions, an admin can browse to https://ac.landis.cloud and select the "Admin Consent" link on the bottom of the page and consent to the permissions.

Features & Enhancements

  • People.Read & Presence.ReadWrite permissions are now mandatory to use Attendant Console

  • Visual Voicemail panel to show a list of voicemails

    • If voicemail is from an AD user, the profile photo, presence & information will display

    • Can see transcription and play audio

    • Clicking on a voicemail will mark it as read

  • Contact Groups now have a splitter/resizer between groups and contacts


  • Presence.ReadWrite and People.Read are now required scopes

  • Improve settings window width to accommodate smaller screens

  • fixed some translations

March 3, 2022

Important Note: We will be alerting users that on April 6, 2022 the People.Read permission will become mandatory and Attendant Console will not work without consent to that permission. To avoid users getting this notification, admins can proactively grant this permission. Permissions can be granted in the Attendant Console app, Settings | Permissions.

Features & Enhancements

  • Themes now using Very Peri to match Microsoft Teams

  • Contact presence now has an icon for at-a-glance indication of "In a Call" (versus "Busy")

  • User presence allows custom duration when setting presence

  • New "person" component brings improved contact presentation

    • all presence indicators more closely follow dark & standard themes

    • avatar quality

    • and more

  • Improved client side logging & export (Settings | Advanced | Logging level )

  • UI to make it easier to add lists of departments, job titles, office locations & countries to search filter area (Settings | Search | Configure filters items lists )

  • Escape key clear search input

  • The app visually indicates when it can't run on unsupported browsers

  • For new users, a contact group is created named Favorites that is prepopulated with some people relevant to that user. This makes the first run experience better by making it easy for contacts to be added to a group.

  • Searches, "Contact Groups" & "Contacts" sorted by display name

  • Ring back sound modified to have a softer sound

  • Use phone icon for PSTN avatar

  • Improve avatar in the current calls area

  • Now saving layout panel sizes (panel splitter positions) locally and exporting them with settings export.

    • Note: These positions are not synced to the backend.

  • If "Presence.ReadWrite" is consented to, the app presence ("InACall", "InAConferenceCall", etc.) will be sent directly from the client to Microsoft Graph instead of traversing our backend.

  • Various UI theme improvements

  • Switching between multiple tabs will now keep "contact group" & "contact" selected.

  • Changes made in Search Filter will now be reverted if window is close without applying


  • Fixes bug that caused an existing call in consult transfer mode to be joined to another incoming call when answered.

  • Fixes bug where ringer didn't work if Calls panel was not selected (in a panel with multiple tabs)

  • Fixes bug where schedule in "Contact Details" did not show in some cases.

  • Fixes bug where new external contact search source does not appear until UI is refreshed.

  • Fixes bug where incorrect audio device was showing in footer

  • Fixes issue where adding a contact to a contact group using the context menu was not saved to the server

  • Fixes issue where an incoming call window could get stuck.

  • Fixes issue where the keyboard shortcut for "Decline Incoming Call" did not work.

January 28, 2022


  • When a user imports settings, they will be available where ever this user runs Attendant Console

  • Improve logic to determine if user is a resource account (aka Auto Attendant, Queue or other voice application)

January 21, 2022


  • Allow user to change their presence

    • This is being released as an optional feature so that the permission consent does not disrupt existing users

  • Sync users' settings: User's settings will get saved to the backend and retrieved by other instances of the app.

    • Initially this feature will work only with user's added after this update.

  • Change "Mail.ReadBasic" to an optional permission.

  • Dark Mode finalized.

  • Add loading indicators to search, contact group & schedule areas.


  • Fix issue where dropdowns did not highlight selected item.

  • Fix issue where same caller id showed on 2 different calls

  • Fix several settings import/export issues

December 10, 2021

The Attendant Console is currently available for purchase and use in production with understanding that the underlying Microsoft APIs are PREVIEW at this time and that the customer should have an alternative solution to fall back to if the Microsoft API access is interrupted during the Microsoft PREVIEW period. The current Attendant Console code will become GA dependent on underlying Microsoft API GA.


  • Call Answer/Hang Up

  • Call Hold/Off Hold

  • Dialing Phone Numbers & Teams users

  • DTMF

  • Blind Transfer

  • Safe Transfer

  • Consult Transfer (Basic)

  • Invite Participant

  • Contact Details

    • Calendar

    • Organization

    • Details

  • Email Call Back Reminder

  • Chat Call Back Reminder

  • Define Hotkeys

  • Resizable user interface

  • 1-Click Mobile, Work

  • Voicemail Indicator

  • Familiar Teams user interface

  • Web App

  • Just sign in with Microsoft Teams user

  • Contact Search

    • Azure Active Directory Search

    • Exchange Contact Search

    • External Http/REST Object Search

  • Definable Contact Groups

    • Static contact groups (select contacts in a group)

    • Dynamic AAD Groups (a group that is filter of AAD)

    • Teams Team contact group

  • Segmented/Filter AAD Search

  • Overall Layout configurator

  • Contact Layout configurator

  • QHD/2K/4K Monitor Support (UI resize, configure)

  • Echo/Test Call

  • Call Pop up

  • Multi-call pop up handling

  • Quick Access Shortcuts

    • Call Contact

    • Web page

    • Http Request

    • Audio device change

  • Mouse/Keyboard/Touch navigation

  • Music on hold via Gateway only

  • App presence

  • Dark mode

  • Language support

    • English

    • French

    • Spanish

    • German

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